Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil

  • A perfect, healthier substitute for refined oils – suited for anything from sautéing to deep frying.
  • Increases good cholesterol HDL and the available phytosterols helps reduce your bad cholesterol.
  • Resveratrol in groundnut oil helps fight Alzheimers and Dementia and improve brain health.
  • Rich in Vitamin E and helps against premature ageing and assists the skin to be wrinkle free.



We take care to source groundnuts that are not malformed, rotten or stored for a long time. Hygienic preparation. The oil is unrefined and clarified using time consuming natural sedimentation. This keeps nutrients fully intact [Hence, cold climates may cause the oil to appear a bit cloudy, or tiny amounts of sediment may be seen in the bottle bottom; but it does not alter the taste, properties, shelf life, outcome of cooking or anything at al.


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